Piano lessons Quinton and Keyboard lessons Quinton

Yes, you can learn to play the piano and\or keyboard in Quinton with our excellent piano lessons Quinton and keyboard lessons Quinton!

Over the years myths have become attached to having piano lessons. Some people have said it is difficult, others state that you have to learn an instrument as a child (it is always beneficial to be taught something from an early age) however that is no reason to not have piano lessons. Adults have a developed mental capacity helping them to make decisions quickly and when having piano lessons as a student you will have to make decisions quickly when playing notes. making sure your hands and feet are coordinated etc.

Yes, you can learn to play the piano whether you are 5 years old (or younger!) or 75 years old (or older!) - with the right tuition, input and motivation - you can and will excel at playing the piano. If you live in or around the Quinton area our piano lessons Quinton service is perfect for you as we have a class room located in the heart of Quinton.

Motivation, tuition and input comes from a great piano instructor

Here at Midlands Music School - we have over 40 years of experience in both playing and delivering piano lessons Quinton. We are able to teach musical theory and offer exams accredited by ABRSM and LCM.

When you have a great tutor - your playing progression will move forward much quicker. The truth is - a great instructor will provide great motivation. We are great tutors. We have excellent student testimonials regarding the quality of the piano lessons Quinton that they have received. We promise to deliver the very highest of quality piano lessons Quinton available.

Tailored piano lessons Quinton and keyboard lessons Quinton to suit each individual

Piano lessons are tailor made to suit each student. We can teach you the piano and keyboard at the same time if you desire. You will get proven qualifications by sitting exams (if you wish) for both practical and the theory of music.

We have students that are aged 5, we have students that are in their late 80s. We can teach you to play any genre of music. If you want to learn the piano for fun with no exams or accreditation so that you can learn to play your favourite pieces of music - we can accommodate that too.

We guarantee that not only do we offer a free lesson, we guarantee that our piano lessons and keyboard lessons are also the best priced (and structured to meet your budget) anywhere on the internet!

Still not convinced - keep reading!

Five fantastic reasons to enquire about piano lessons Quinton or keyboard lessons Quinton TODAY!


Your first lesson with us is FREE! So what do you have to lose?

That's correct! Here at the Midlands music school we will give you (or your loved one) a completely free with no obligation introductory lesson. We will talk you through the process of how we teach and more importantly - how you learn to play the piano or the keyboard. During this first lesson, our tutor will let you play your first note and set you on the path to becoming a fantastic pianist.

You have nothing to lose with this free offer - contact us today for more information on our piano lessons Quinton and our keyboard lessons Quinton services.

Playing a musical instrument improves your brain!

There have been Many studies made by extremely clever people on the effects of music to the brain. According to scientists - children that learn to play a musical instrument and are exposed to music generally perform better in their school education than those children who don't. Scientists also suggest that reading ages are improved along with IQ and the development of certain parts of your brain. This does not just apply to children, adults can also benefit from learning to play an instrument because it sharpens the mind keeping it alert and active an in turn this helps sharpen your memory also!

Music teaches discipline

Learning to play an instrument can be likened to learning to speak a foreign language and it can be challenging at times. A quality that all musicians possess is one of discipline. In order to master playing your instrument to produce beautiful sounds you have to set time to practice, practice and learn, learn and learn some more.

Learning to play an instrument relieves stress

Everyone has days where stress levels are high and need a release so that we can take a break from it all. It is well known that when you hear soft and soothing music - you feel more relaxed. Playing a musical instrument can help you feel relaxed but can also provide that diversion and escape that you're looking for on those stressful days. Music is one of life's joys - helping to change moods and relax vibes.

The final reason could be the most important - playing a musical instrument is FUN!

Our piano lessons Quinton are FUN! Learning to play the piano can be fun for everyone. We can incorporate musical games for children ensuring they have have fun whilst learning. For adult learners we make music fun by teaching you the music you like best!

You can read more about our exam accreditations here: ABRSM and London college of music